Top Places To Live In The UK

10. Southampton

The busy port city of Southampton has become increasingly popular with movers in recent years. There are a range of diverse attractions which ensure a steady stream of visitors from all over the country, and the two universities support the traditional industries in providing a buoyant job market for the area.

Southampton is just 75 miles and a direct train ride away from London, but house prices and the cost of living are significantly cheaper. The vibrant nightlife and large number of students ensure that the city is always buzzing, yet it’s only a short drive to the picturesque New Forest National Park.

Southampton ranked 17th in The Telegraph’s ‘Best Places to Work’ survey, and was voted the fifth safest city in the UK in the ‘Unbroken Britain’ report, carried out by Provident Personal Credit. It was even ranked third in The Independent’s ‘Best Cities to be Single’ survey!

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