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Launching mid-November 2017, the MovedTo Reading VIP discount scheme helps connect your business to new people in the area. Offer a discount for your business today to start attracting potential new customers from both in and outside of Reading.

We are currently taking offers for discounts to be included within the launch of the discount scheme in Reading. Offer a discount before 15th November to be a part of the launch campaign.


  • Attract new people in the area and MovedTo VIP members to your business.

  • Your discount is shown on the MovedTo Reading App and website for all users to see.

  • Get priority as a venue for MovedTo Reading social events.

  • Regular promotion across MovedTo Reading social media channels at no extra cost to you.

  • Your offer is available to all VIP members from all MovedTo locations.

  • There’s no cost to you to join our discount scheme.

How It Works

1. Offer a Discount

Let us know what you would like to offer exclusively to MovedTo VIP members.

Simply enter your details into the form along with your offer:

2. Join the Scheme

We'll be in touch to discuss your offer further, along with a proposed design for the artwork.

Once your'e happy with your offer and artwork we'll add it to the MovedTo Reading App and website, and announce it on our social media channels.

Reading Discounts

3. Offer Your Discount

VIP members can claim their discount by showing their VIP Card on the MovedTo Reading App or website when paying.

The VIP Card shows their profile picture and name, and live current time to confirm legitimacy.

Reading Discounts

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