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Here at MovedTo there’s nothing we love more than supporting the launch of local businesses in Newbury. One such business is Jurassic Bark dog walking, which launched in late 2016 and is already taking Newbury’s canine community by storm. It’s run by dog fanatic Sophie Hunter, and we caught up with her to find out why she’s the perfect person for the job!

Sophie told us:Dog Walking Newbury

“I grew up with Yorkies. Five of them to be exact. My first dog was little Rascal, and he was just that. He would stop and sniff every blade of grass on a walk, and was an impressive rat hunter. Our family’s love for those little terriers just grew and grew, and now we have four dogs again. Phoebe is from the original pack and is an impressive 14 years young. We have also just adopted another old lady from the Dogs Trust, Mrs Tilly who is 15! My two boys, Patch and Aslan, are quite the pair – they join me on most of my walks, and love spending time with the other dogs. Patch is a Jack Russell and so far is our only non-Yorkie Hunter, but that may change in the future!

I have been working with dogs for the better part of 3 years now, and haven’t regretted a moment of it. After working in an office, and finding it painfully unsatisfying, I thought why not make money working with the best colleagues there are – dogs! I first got a taste for working with them when I volunteered at weekends at Woodhaydown Gundog Training. Getting up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday wasn’t even difficult because I looked forward to it every week. I then got a job working at Ambergate Kennels in Salisbury, and absolutely loved it. It wasn’t until I got a permanent position working at Dog Trouble that I realised kennels wasn’t where I wanted to be. The work was completely different – the dogs were exercised for up to 3 hours a day, and they were well socialised which I think is really important. I learnt so much about dog behaviour, and dealt with a lot of dogs with issues from anxiety to aggression – I even managed to get bitten a few times! Each experience was invaluable and has taught me all I know today. I can read their body language and know a lot about dog health and diet. Dogs are my passion and I am overjoyed I have been able to make my life’s work revolve around them. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m hoping Jurassic Bark grows and grows and that I am able to meet as many lovely dogosaurs as possible in the coming years!”

Sophie’s passion for pooches is clear to see. We’ve been out on a few dog walks with her ourselves and can confirm that she masterfully manages even the most boisterous and excitable canines, and dogs of all shapes and sizes absolutely love her regular pack walks (details of the next one here).

If you’re after a dog walker for your best friend why not say hello to Sophie, Patch and Aslan, and support this fantastic Berkshire-based start-up in the process. What’s more, 5% of Jurassic Bark’s profits are donated to the Dogs Trust! For more information visit www.jurassicbarkdogs.co.uk or drop Sophie a line on 07809 908659. Alternatively you can reach her by email at sophie@jurassicbarkdogs.co.uk

Jurassic Bark Dog Walking Newbury

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