By Oscar Pet Foods Berkshire

It’s that time of the year, the shops are full of sumptuous treats for your precious pooch. So of course, you want to treat them, which is brilliant as they are a big part of the family. All I would say is just be mindful of what treats you buy them. Many treats are potentially full of artificial colour additives and who knows what else, especially those that are brightly coloured. Have you ever thought what ingredients are used to create these bright lovely looking colours? Also, it’s as well to remember that chocolate is dangerous for dogs and cats as it contains xylitol. I’m sure we will all succumb, stuff ourselves silly over the Christmas period and then make a New Years resolution to lose those extra kilos that we put on.

Our pooches have to and will eat what they are given and have no choice. Remember your pet is not a small human, it’s an animal, and as such it’s nutritional needs are very complex and different to humans.Winter Dog

So, what to give them as a special treat without adding additional calories, and which are healthy? How about an antler chew? Our chews are sourced from Scotland, last for ages, are very safe as they don’t splinter, won’t make a mess or smell, added to which chewing on one will help to keep the teeth and gums healthy (not suitable for puppies who don’t have their adult teeth). Please, please DON’T be tempted to give your dog a bone, bones have been proven to cause serious injures to a dog, both in the mouth and internally.

Our antlers are 100% UK venison, 100% natural

Treats – they love them, but they don’t need to be fed in great quantities or even great big treats, from a dog’s point of view they just need to have the taste in their mouth. If you are tempted to give lots of treats, then reduce the amount of food fed at mealtimes to limit the risk of weight gain.

When buying treats always check the ingredients list so you know what you’re feeding. If you don’t understand the ingredients, then don’t buy them as you have no idea what’s in them. Remember artificial colours etc can also affect behaviour, at a time of the year that can be stressful for some pets it’s worth not potentially adding to their distress by feeding them treats full of colours and additives.

How often do we hear, “well it’s Christmas so he/she expects to have a Christmas dinner”. To be honest they don’t, they just know that routinely they get fed at that time, but no need to deprive them, make it an animal friendly dinner. Things to avoid are foods like gravy, stuffing, pigs in blankets, these all contain salt and a variety of other things that really are not good for your pet. What can you give, well, vegetables raw or boiled in unsalted water and some turkey (but not the skin or bones) is ok but that’s it. To your pet it’s just food, so why not make that food relevant and healthy for them.

We here at Oscar know exactly what ingredients are in our treats and we declare them on all packs. We sell a variety of treats in different sized packs and also Christmas stockings, why not check out the web site at, if you see anything you like then to avoid delivery charge call us direct and we will deliver free if you live in our area.


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