We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’, and believe it or not this also applies to our pets.

Did you know that their nutritional needs are very complex?

Did you also know that by feeding them a diet that is not properly nutritionally balanced you could be exposing your precious pet to a whole host of health problems, reducing their quality of life and more importantly their longevity?

Did you also know that a nutritionally imbalanced diet will affect the animal’s behaviour and mood?

So what do we mean by nutritionally balanced? Well the diet should be geared for the age, lifestyle and breed of animal and the diet should contain the correct levels of, for example:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat
  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Fibre
  • Water

The results of a diet that is not nutritionally balanced are not always obvious straightway, but build up over time. Which means we are inadvertently exposing our pet’s to a whole host of illnesses & diseases. It then starts to cost us very dearly at the vets, but we just pay without a thought?dog-feeding

We as dog owners, in the main want the best for our pet, they are part of the family after all. But, sadly in many cases the choice of dog food is sometimes down to cost. However, in many instances this is false economy. A bag of food may seem cheap, but if the feeding rate is high, the cost per day could in fact be comparable or indeed dearer than the more expensive bags of food, where feeding rates are lower because the quality of the ingredients is higher.

Not all food is made using top quality ingredients and not all food is nutritionally balanced for the breed, age, activity level and environment of the animal.

So, what can you do?

  • Take time to understand your dog’s nutritional requirements, these will change as they grow from puppy to junior, adult and senior, carefully check the food label and ask yourself
    • ‘do I really know what is in the food?
    • do I know where it’s sourced from & made?’

Take chicken as an example, this could be feathers, feet, heads, in other words offal or lovely white meat. The difference is the quality of protein and how digestible it is, if it can’t be easily digested and absorbed by the animal then they’re not getting the protein they need and you must feed a lot more, which means you have more to clear up, not to mention the strain on your poor dog’s digestive system and how much you must be paying out.

  • You could talk to us, we take pet nutrition very seriously, being trained animal nutritionists.

We at Oscar know exactly what’s in our food and importantly where the ingredients are sourced from, which is from UK suppliers (except the rice), our food is made in the UK using only human grade standard ingredients (eg only the white meat of a chicken) with no anti moulding agents, preservatives or artificial colours

Our Cockerpoo Racso is passionate about his Oscar food and treats and he would just love to answer any of your questions, so why not visit his blog page and drop him a line www.askracso.co.uk/contact

Look out for the next blog – Signs of an Imbalanced Diet


By Oscar Pet Foods, Berkshire

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