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Very many cats suffer, or are prone to suffer, from cystitis or bladder infections. Lack of water is a huge contributing factor to the problems in cats. This is because many cats are what we call ‘thirst insensitive’ in as much as they don’t drink as much as they need to. That said, cats produce fairly concentrated urine anyway so they don’t need to drink as much as other animals, but it’s important to ensure they do drink enough. Cats can get water from other sources not just a bowls of water, if for example they eat wet food then this is a source of fluid.

Cats whose diet is 100% dried food need to drink enough, but they can be fussy on how and where they drink. So when putting water down for your cat, remember a cats sense of smell is very acute and they can smell the chemicals in water from the tap, so put some in a jug and leave uncovered on the side for a few hours before putting into their bowl. Make sure the bowl is wide enough so their whiskers (which are very sensitive) don’t touch the sides. Cats also like drink from free running water.

I always keep a check on how much Lady Lu drinks, especially because she is only fed dried food. I follow the advice above and it works.Cat

As I said above, feeding wet food will ensure your cat get fluids but remember it’s best not to just feed wet and no dry, so why? Well, cats are very prone to gum disease and plaque build up on their teeth, which can start as young as 3 years old. Added to this, bacteria in the mouth from bad teeth and gums can enter the blood stream and leave your cat open to many other diseases.

The best way to ensure you reduce the risk of oral problems is to feed a diet that includes dried food or is 100% dried food.

Better still, feed Oscar dried cat food, this offers a complete and balanced diet, added to which our cat food is coated with an Oscar secret stay clean ingredient. When this comes into contact with the saliva in the mouth it is activated and really helps to reduce plaque build up and aids oral health. This really works.

Oscar cat food is made from human grade standard ingredients, sourced in the UK. No artificial colours, additives or preservatives are added to our food. Added to which you can feed the average cat for about £2 per week.

Why not try one of our starter packs, you get 2 weeks worth of food, a bag of treats and an airtight bucket all for £5. If you then go on to buy 3 x 2kg bags (£10.95 each) at the same time you get your fiver back.

Fun cat fact

Next time your cat is sleeping on your lap, take a good look at their fur and see very fine hair that is slightly longer than the rest of their coat. This longer hair is very sensitive, this helps them detect wind direction which is very handy when they are out stalking their prey.


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