The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

Moving home is a big event, and there’s a lot to remember to make your move run smoothly. We’ve put together the ultimate moving checklist with those little things to make sure that you’re not forgetting anything leading up to, during, and after your move.

Before Your Move

1. Organise removal boxes

2. Pack

It’s the perfect time to declutter and get rid of the things you don’t really need. You can read our top tip for making sure that you know exactly which box your belongings are in.

3. Give notice to your landlord (if renting)

4. Get quotes from removal companies

Or get quotes for van hire if you plan to move everything yourself.

5. Make an inventory of your belongings

6. Notify work

Let your place of work know about your change of address and arrange any days off.

7. Notify or change current utility companies

Gas & electric, water, phone & broadband, council tax. We’d recommend using U-Switch to find you the best deal.

8. Organise home insurance for your new property

Be sure to get cover from the day you own or move into your new property.

9. Organise a change of address with important services.

Notify your bank, mobile phone provider, club cards, TV licence.

10. Redirect Your post

You can use Royal Mail’s redirection service to forward any mail that arrives after you move

11. Eat your freezer food

This will allow you to defrost your freezer and fridge before you move.

12. Order new furniture and white goods (if needed)

Order for delivery at your new home as soon as you move for peace of mind.

13. Notify DVLA, vehicle insurer and breakdown service with address change

Your Move

14. Check meter readings in both properties

Take a photo of your meter readings (gas, electric and water) with your phone when you leave your old property and when you arrive at your new one.

15. Do one last sweep of your house

16. Leave a package behind for new owners or tenants

Provide all the documentation for white goods, boiler and any other important electrical goods.

After Your Move

17. Re-register to vote

18. Register with new doctors, dentist and opticians

19. Check what days your bins get collected

20. Get free furniture and white goods in your new location

Check Freecycle to find people near you looking to get rid of their unwanted belongings.

21. Sit back and enjoy your new home!

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