How To Be A Good Neighbour


It’s not nice being on bad terms with your neighbours, and you can’t just shut them out of your life. Moving into a new property is no small thing, and you can probably expect to be there for at least a few years. We’ve put together our top 8 tips on how to be a good neighbour so that you can feel more relaxed about life in your new home.


1. Introduce yourself

You’ve just moved into your new place; the last thing you want to do amongst all that excitement is go and say hello to your boring neighbours, right? Take 10 minutes out of your first few days to pop round and say hello. You never know when you’ll be looking for help from your neighbours, and establishing a good relationship from the start is key.


2. Invite them round

Getting to know your neighbours isn’t just a ‘nice thing to do’, it’s also quite important. Think about it; they are the closest people to your new home, and so you might want to find out what sort of people they are. If nothing else, they can be a great resource when you run out of milk, or need to borrow a spirit level to make sure you hang that mirror in the bathroom level.

And who knows, they might even become your good friends!


3. Keep them notified

Let your neighbours know of any planned late parties, and estimate when you expect noise to quieten down. It’s something that you would probably want to know yourself.  Let your neighbours know roughly what time things will kick off and approximately what time the music will be turned down. That way they will wait for the music to end rather than confronting you at your front door! Being open with your neighbours makes things easier in the long run.


4. Help with each other’s bins

If you’re out bringing your bin back in, then why not use your free hand to bring theirs back too? It works both ways and is a nice gesture to stay on good terms with your neighbours.


5. Be considerate when parking

We’ve all had that neighbour that parks inconsiderately, especially in areas of limited parking! Think about how you leave your car. Be considerate and you’ll find that your neighbours will do the same.


6. Take in each other’s post

We get it; it’s a Sunday morning and your door bell rings. You groggily make your way to the front door hoping it’s that thing your ordered you’re super excited to get. Instead it’s a delivery of the world’s largest parcel, and it’s not for you.

Be considerate and keep it in a safe place until your neighbour can come round and collect it. This is another one of those things that works both ways. We can think of countless times that we’ve been waiting for a parcel to arrive, only for it to come during the 5 minutes you pop out!

Take the initiative and be helpful, and that important item you desperately wanted might just be there when you get back thanks to your neighbour.


7. Take note of each other’s phone number

How many of you know your neighbours name, let alone their phone number? Neighbours can be incredibly useful resource when you are away from your home, especially on holiday. They can call about a leak, someone snooping around, or just to let you know everything looks ok. Furthermore, if you’re having a party and forgot to mention it then it’s far easier to let them know via a text message, rather than meeting awkwardly on their doorstep at 1am.


8. Keep an eye out for strange activity

If you see something that just doesn’t quite look right, no matter how small, then let your neighbour know. It lets them know that you are looking out for them and they will no doubt do the same for you.


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