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If you’ve got yourself a new place to call home then it’s more than likely you’ll be needing cardboard boxes for moving. It makes moving 10 times easier; you can manage moving the belongings in each room separately and you know exactly where everything needs to go in your new home.

But where can you get them from? Moving house isn’t a regular occurrence so it’s unlikely that you’ll have some stashed away. Thankfully people look to get rid of their boxes after moving and so we’ve listed the top places you can find cardboard boxes for moving:

1. Freecycle

The go-to place for finding free and unwanted items in your area. Simply head over to Freecycle and type in your current location to see what people are looking to get rid of near you. More often than not you’ll find moving boxes that people are looking to get rid of after having moved themselves! If you want to get away with not having to pay for moving boxes then be sure to check Freecyle regularly in the months coming up to your move.

What’s more, you can also post that you’re looking for boxes in your area. Simply wait for someone to see your post and contact you!

2. Gumtree

Although not a completely free website like Freecyle, you’re also likely to find cardboard boxes for moving on Gumtree for free or a small amount of money. Search for ‘moving boxes’ in your location on Gumtree to see what’s on offer near you.

3. Ebay

You’re more likely to find adverts for full-price moving boxes over on Ebay, but there’s there off-chance you can grab a load of cardboard boxes for next to nothing on someone’s auction.

4. Local Facebook Groups

Simply type your location into the Facebook search to see what groups or communities are set up near you. There’s usually a local ‘marketplace’ as well where you can search for cardboard moving boxes, or post that you’re looking for some.

5. Word of Mouth

Ask your friends and family if they have any spare boxes for moving. You never know, they might have some stashed away ready to help someone like you out!

6. Local Retailers

A number of large retailers or supermarkets have areas near the tills where you can find free spare cardboard boxes left over from their deliveries. We can usually find a good number of large boxes in our local Homebase!

7. Online

Cardboard boxes aren’t that expensive, but if you need a large number then it’s worth using the ways we’ve mentioned so far to find them for free or on the cheap. If all else fails simply give moving boxes a Google search to find hundreds of companies willing to deliver them to your door.

You can also read our top tip for making sure that you’re organising your packing of cardboard boxes for moving efficiently, to save time and nuisance when you can’t find that one thing you need!

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