Feel Settled After Moving


Moving away can be a huge deal. It’s stressful, it’s scary and it’s a whole new world, especially if you are already struggling with your mental health; anxiety, depression etc.

It doesn’t mean you will feel that way forever. There are plenty of ways to feel settled after moving away from your hometown and your family and friends.

If you are moving away and starting a new job, congratulations! What a huge and exciting step you are taking.

You can do it.

Starting a new job is a great way to meet new people, and to add routine into your life. Keep pushing yourself!

Remember, it is okay to feel a bit wobbly, to feel sad, depressed, and have your anxiety on overload. Just don’t let these things inside your brain stop you from settling down and being excited about your new life.


10 Ways to Help You Settle Down


1) Create a list of to-dos

When you are in a new home, and a new place; think about all the things you would like to do. These things can be as minor as; “buy new pillows” to “dinner with new friends”.

Set yourself some goals and reward yourself when reaching them. This will keep you motivated.

Try to keep a positive mindset, if you don’t reach a goal when you thought you would, it’s fine!

Your list can contain everything and anything. Just have something to work towards and something to do.


2) Explore!

Sounds like such a generic thing, but if you have moved away, go out and see what there is! Don’t let your depression and anxieties get the better of you.

If you’re not feeling up for venturing too far, start with taking a walk around the block, then go further, and further.

Remember to reward yourself for hitting milestones. For example; ‘I visited the shopping centre today’, treat yourself with whatever you like!


3) Create your ‘homely’ home

Moving away from your family home, or away from a place you spent a long time making ‘perfect’ can be hard.

It’s hard to let go of what you have done, and what you’ve had before.

A new home can feel bare, cold, and lonely. So, spice up your living room, make it cosy, paint your walls, add photographs of your family and friends. Browse Pinterest for inspiration (that’s what I do).


4) Continue/find a hobby

This sounds quite cliché, but having something consistent in your life, and having something to create/work towards, can really help settle your mind back into normality.

It can be easy to forget your life beforehand and sink into a rut of doing nothing.

Keep on writing those books, and creating those vases… Do what makes you happy! You might even find a group nearby where you can meet others with the same interests as you.


5) Stay in contact

Keep contact with your friends and family.

Just because you have moved, does not mean you have to leave your life behind (unless you want too/it’s the sole purpose of leaving).

Have a group chat, text your friends, invite them over to stay! Just stay in touch. Keep that normality.


6) Have Time for Yourself

Although it is important to stay busy, and to keep yourself doing things to ensure your mind is focused. It’s important to also give yourself some ‘me’ time.

Being in your own company isn’t all bad, you can focus on what you want to do, have no distractions.

Sit down and watch your favourite film with a coffee, set the ambiance and relax.
Or even just go to bed early and read a book! There are lots of things you can do to create some ‘me’ time. Wind down and appreciate how far you have come.


7) Settle into Normality

By this I mean, do the normal things you did before. The generic everyday life things…

Go to the supermarket, find a new hairdresser in the area, get your hair done and maybe even go for a new style.

Take your dog for a walk, explore the park or fields around your new home to make your fury friend happy, you might even meet other people this way, and your dog can make friends!

Go out for meals, to the cinema, do all the things you did before. You just need to find where they are!


8) Push Yourself

This is a hard one. It’s so easy to let your anxiety and depression take over, even after a long time of doing so well.

Push yourself to get out of bed, even if you just go downstairs to watch the television.

To go to gym or do yoga in your garden.

Push yourself to go to work, to go to the shops. Just keep on going, you will get there once again.


9) Hold parties/sleepovers…

Invite your family and friends from back home to stay over! Hold garden parties in the summer, or even host the Christmas dinner.

Give yourself something to look forward too.

Having your family and friends over is a good incentive to keep the place tidy, to show your family you are doing amazing, and show off that cosy home you have created.


10) Allow others in

It’s easy to keep yourself to yourself. I understand that.

It’s too easy in fact, to not let anyone else into your little bubble, away from your usual people.

But you have too, even if your depression says no.

Even if it’s just one friend, someone you work with, the dog walker you have met, or even your neighbour.


Feel Settled After Moving

You do not need to be best friends straight away, or ever. Remember you do get to decide who is in your circle, so choose the right ones. It’s just ideal and nice to have a person close by that you can meet up with. I understand that it is difficult to settle down, to push your depression and anxieties away, but just keep on going. You can do it.


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