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MovedTo VIP

With MovedTo VIP membership you get access to a wide range of exclusive discounts at local businesses at your MovedTo area, as well as a discount off all products on the MovedTo store.

What’s more, you can use your VIP eCard to get even more discounts at every other MovedTo location. As MovedTo keeps growing to new areas, the more discounts you get at no extra cost!

MovedTo VIP Highlights

Exclusive Discounts & Offers

Your VIP eCard grants you access to exclusive discounts and offers at your MovedTo location

Nationwide Access

Grab even more discounts at all other MovedTo locations across the UK, all under one membership

Updated Regularly

We’re continually working hard to bring you more discounts at local businesses

VIP eCard

Simply log into your VIP account on MovedTo to get access to your eCard

New Members

New members can get VIP access within minutes. Register using the link below and become a VIP today!

Existing Members

Already have a MovedTo Member account? Sign in using the link below and upgrade your account to VIP now

Facebook Integration

Sign up and log in easily with your Facebook account.

Mobile Friendly

Just show your eCard on any mobile device when paying to grab your discount

Find Exclusive Deals in Your Area

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