Community Guidelines

By joining the MovedTo WhatsApp community, you agree to the following:

  1. Breaching these rules will result either in a warning or in being permanently removed from the community, at the discretion of the admins. Admin decisions are final.
  2. Claiming to have not read these rules will not be accepted as an excuse for any of the below.
  3. Rudeness or abuse towards admins of any kind will be documented and you will be permabanned as well as blacklisted from all future socials and MovedTo activities.
  4. Individually messaging admins or any other member of MovedTo with confrontational or aggressive messages will result in an instant ban. If you experience this please forward a screenshot to an admin or to
  5. No Advertising: If you would like to promote your business through MovedTo, you must contact us with your business proposal via Advertising within the groups without express agreement of admins in advance will lead to your instant removal from the community. This includes pushing your social channels, special offers, or anything else.
  6. Be Kind: MovedTo is run by humans and is made up of humans. You do not know what other people are going through. Always be kind and respectful to others in the chat.
  7. No Politics: This is not a political space and members soliciting political chat will be warned and/or removed.
  8. No Trauma Dumping: Avoid sharing deeply personal or traumatic experiences, also known as trauma dumping, unless another member has specifically asked for more information or offered their support individually. Sharing such content can be overwhelming and potentially triggering for others, particularly those who are new to the group or dealing with their own challenges. Should you need support, visit .
  9. Do not share any explicit imagery or media. Despite this being an adult group, be aware that many people will not want to see this content.
  10. Keep moaning to a minimum. Everyone needs a moan now and then, but members found to consistently only send negative or complaining messages will be removed.
  11. Respect Privacy: Do not share personal information of other members without their explicit consent. This includes sharing photos, contact information, or any other private details.
  12. No Spam: Avoid sending spam messages, including chain messages, excessive memes, or repetitive content. Keep conversations meaningful and relevant to the group’s purpose.
  13. No Scamming: Any fraudulent behaviour, such as scamming or misleading other members, will result in an immediate ban and potential reporting to authorities.
  14. Do not direct message another member without explicitly being invited to. If you receive an unwanted DM, notify the admins and we will remove the member.